Travelling DVDs

Greece is the country of the light, the country of antiquity and classical beauty, statues, philosophy and fine art.  Here is the place from where artistic creation began and gave lights to all over the humanity. Greece is the spark of philosophy. This is the country that gave breath of life to the peoples of the world.  Here is the place where humanism, democracy and respect for human dignity were born. Hermes of Praxiteles, Aphrodite of Milos and many other masterpieces stand as a beacon of culture that nobody can doubt.

Poseidon’s trident crosses the creative, martial and philosophical seasons. Greece is the land of perfection. Old Greece teaches and inspires us, while modern Greece doesn’t have less lack of beauty and natural beauty. The visitors learn, get inspired, love and bow to great chapter named Greece.

The documentaries show samples of old and modern Greece.


It is a collectible collection of 50 DVDs with HISTORICAL AND TOURIST CONTENT

There are fifty historical and tourist documentaries of great historical value and also the best award – winning documentaries at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. In these films you will see all the ancient and modern history of Greece, all the museums and ancient civilizations, the most beautiful beaches, the most luxury resorts, the most beautiful islands of the world which are the Greek islands.

It is a great trek to the museums, the monuments and the statues. Nobody should miss this great work. It is a treasure of Greece.